Fast & Secure Online Payments

Paying With GoCardless

Go cardless is a hassle free, secure method of making your window cleaning payments. Remembering to pay your window cleaner might be one of those things that isn't on the top of your mind every month and there is nothing worse than paying a bill that is left to build and take a bigger chunk out of your bank account than one single payment does.

How it works?..   By following the link above you sign up payment details to authorize Shine Window Cleaning Edinburgh to request your window clean payment after your windows have been cleaned. 

Step 1 > Sign Up with your personal details

Step 2 > Windows are cleaned and as usual you will receive a calling card to let you know we have been

Step 3 > We make an invoice for your clean and send to the email you have signed up on which will make you aware of the payment requested & the date of your clean along with the date payment will be debited from your account.

Step 4 > You confirm that all is correct within the email and the said date which is usually 1 week later the payment can be debited, if the said date isn't suitable in the case that you may not have money in your account until a later date then you can amend this to a more suitable date (which you can also arrange with your window cleaner)

A safe and secure way of paying your window cleaner and keeping your window cleans running smoothly, giving you peace of mind of another bill being managed hassle free.