Pure Water Cleaning

Soft bristles are used to clean the glass, while jets of pure water (deionized) are use to rinse the glass.

The secret of water fed pole (WFP) window cleaning is the water itself.

Normal tap water contains many dissolved minerals. This water is fine to drink, but if it was used to clean windows, it would leave spots and smears. This is because the minerals will be left behind on the glass after the water evaporates.

The water is specially purified, removing all minerals. This results in the water having zero parts per million of total dissolved solids. The water is so pure, that it is left to dry naturally without leaving any marks behind.

We use poles made from light weight carbon fibre, these are extended to wash windows up to 60ft safely from the ground. WFP systems are installed into vans to transport pure water to job sites.

This system had revolutionized the window cleaning trade making light work of a once dangerous profession.

Short explanation of WFP

Advantages of water-fed pole window cleaning

  • Fully compliant with health and safety regulations.

  • Operator works from the safety of the ground eliminating the need for ladders.

  • Window frames and sills are cleaned every time.

  • Previously inaccessible windows are now accessible.

  • Windows stay cleaner in between visits.

  • Reduced disturbance to the buildings occupants maintaining the clients privacy.

  • Environmentally friendly, there is no use of chemicals or detergents just 100% pure water.

  • No potential damage caused using ladders